We all want the best possible price for our property. This is why when selling our home, many of us use different strategies to impress potential buyers and convince them to pay more. Some pop cookie dough into the oven during an open house to make the property smell like baked goods, while others stage the property by using decorative items. But if you’re selling your home, there’s one tried and tested method for making your property more enticing: temporarily putting your valuables into storage and ridding your home of excess “stuff”.

Minimalist Home Staging: Top Tips

Most people try to picture themselves in the home they are inspecting, so too many personal items can make potential buyers feel like they are intruding even if they are being encouraged to look around. Minimalist home staging makes your home look tidier and more spacious, allowing buyers to visualise themselves living in your home. Presenting your property with only the bare necessities allows potential buyers to mentally move in their furniture and imagine how it would work, giving them more motivation to buy your property.

  • Remove photographs and other personal decorations
  • Declutter – removing books, excess furniture and other knick-knacks will make rooms feel more tidy and spacious
  • Tidy wardrobes and drawers – buyers just love to look around and that means opening cupboards and drawers
  • Deep Clean – once the clutter is gone you can start cleaning. Make sure all your surfaces are spotless including walls and ceilings/
  • Add interest with artwork – contemporary is always best.

Affordable Self Storage in Nowra & Huskisson

Minimalist home staging is an excellent strategy for making your property look more appealing. But before you can stage your home, you must declutter it first. Renting a self-storage space with Out Of Site Storage will certainly give you more space to work with. Affordable self-storage in Huskisson and Nowra is only a phone call away!